Oconee Mentor Program

About the Program

The Oconee Mentor Program serves students attending Oconee County Schools who have been identified as needing extra support, through weekly school-based mentoring sessions. Mentors make a difference in the lives of students by serving as a positive role model, a listener, a helper and a friend.

Mentors commit to meeting thirty minutes per week. This is typically a student’s lunch period, or in some cases breakfast or other time determined appropriate, based on the student’s schedule and mentor’s availability. Meetings do not have to happen on the same day every week. Mentors commit to one full school year.

Criteria For Becoming A Mentor

  • Mentors are positive role models in the community.
  • Mentors are at least 18 years of age.
  • Mentors are dependable, kind, and good listeners, as well as have a desire to see academic and social growth in the student.
  • Mentors are willing to follow the guidelines and policies of Oconee County Schools and the Oconee Mentor Program.

Mentors are matched with a student at their preferred Oconee County School. Mentoring sessions take place only on school grounds, during school hours.

Students who are part of the program have been referred by a parent, teacher, school counselor or administrator. Students agree that they want to have a mentor and parent permission must be given for a student to be placed with a mentor.

A one-time training is required and lasts just under an hour. Mentors complete a background check at this time.

We are currently training new mentors. If you’d like to be a mentor, reach out to Shannon or contact us!

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