Summer Food for Kids

About the Program

This is a 10 week program designed to assist families during the summer by supplementing their food with a box of nutritious food, including fruits and vegetables from local farmers, each week. Children who are registered in the Oconee Food for Kids program usually receive free and reduced lunch during the school year and a bag of kid friendly food for the weekend. Summer Food for Kids was created to fill the food gap for these children during the summer months. The Summer Food for Kids program is designed to assist families by providing a box of food during the 10 weeks of summer.

How it Works

Volunteers fill boxes of food to help provide a week’s worth of breakfast and lunch meals to children and families needing assistance. We partner with the Oconee Farmers Market to make sure locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables are included in the boxes. The Cooperative Extension Service provides cards with healthy recipes and information about proper food handling and storage. The program been well received and the families are very appreciative. As one mother stated last year “I do not know what we would have done this summer without your help. The kids are home all day and it has been difficult to keep enough food on hand.”

2021 Stats

Families Served this Summer

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